House Gen Next

I was hanging out on perusing house ideas and I thought to myself: “A small cabin built with the stick/frame method is still a house built with the stick/frame method.”  Since I was about 14 I’ve had this idea that next gen houses need to be different if we are to survive as a species.  To me this meant working harmoniously with nature instead of taming, cutting, and moving her aside for our purposes.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still super excited about starting my adventures in tiny house living, but even this falls short of my 14 year old “circle of life and nature” ideal that I had and still have.

Enter Suzanne Lee, or for your benefit here is a TED talk on her bacteria grown clothes: .

Turns out that cellulose is a great insulator, she even says that she dreams of growing cars and things!  House gen next here we come!

Here is an idea developed by MIT almost 10 years ago: I don’t know what progress they’ve had in 10 years, I’ve been busy doing my own thing.

Personally I’m going to study plant galls for a while, maybe we could just ask trees to grow a house for us.

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