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100 years of what?

You may or may not know by now that in my list of idols are the Wright Brothers.  In 1903 at kitty hawk, they were the first to sustain a controlled flight of a heavier than air craft.  They weren’t … Continue reading

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Tiny house, big dreams R&D plan

Ok then, I am going to attempt to develop a research plan for my offgrid tiny house on wheels.  There is a lot of technology that has been ignored and left unplayed with and I think it’s time we started … Continue reading

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Edge of Chaos

“Dancing gracefully with chaotic forces will yield a better return than brute forcing your way through nature ever will, or something along those lines” – Me Saturday January 31st, I had spent that afternoon banging my head against my computer … Continue reading

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House Gen Next

I was hanging out on perusing house ideas and I thought to myself: “A small cabin built with the stick/frame method is still a house built with the stick/frame method.”  Since I was about 14 I’ve had this idea … Continue reading

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